In The Wee Hours

There’s a reason for your late arrival and a reason you must go away
Rest assured that I will be here when you come back to us some day
In knowing we are so much safer just the way we are
There is no doubt that we have both come so very far

Temptation is a fearful thing that never will make right
Comes to us at midnight when there is such little light
When our defenses are impaired we cannot even fight
It lasts us but a season to wander in dark reason

Now turn me back around so I can see things straight again
Don’t tell me it’s alright because I can start to feel some rain
How many times have I mentioned my obsessions unintentioned
Did you not hear me wanting free or hear me love the misery

Now never did I want for you to turn me inside out
Or draw me tight unto you, beyond a reasons doubt
A moth unto the evening flame with all to lose not to gain
Like sun that shines so brightly but clouds that threaten rain

I know I never will sustain that sin that sends me near insane
Tell me do I thrive on pain or is there something else I gain
Certainly there is reason for every single suffered season
Why the galaxies exist, why we persist while yet resist

Humble man upon the stage your futures not within a cage
And I in sad obsession could not share your desired possession
If it was only your charisma I’d count that I might need
Alas, it  is not only that but everything I must concede

Never have fallen short of impressing me I say in all sincerity
To me you’re more than all the rest as I see you at your best
There is safety and there’s sanity in our simplicity we are free
Just hold me for one moment then say that you must go
And so I will never be allowed to let those feelings grow
Part of me has fallen deep but you I could not ever keep

And I will wish you’d never gone in the wee hours we used to don
Fond memories of talking and no sleep are absolutely bitter-sweet
Now never will I even consider to take your country paths alone
I’d sooner never walk them again than walk them on my own

Now we watch each other grow, neither young nor old does show
You’re a pauper, you’re a prince, devils could not quite convince
Cultured boy without much care, I treasure everything we share
The greatest times of my life have been but moments in their length
And its strange how we cannot forget their validity and strength
Will never say you are gone away only absent for the longest day

Like a moth unto the flame, you are sunlight yet you are pain
Must I always  be  fixated with some love I have part created
Now my gypsy can you tell me what my future holds for me
Are you standing in my door wondering on earth what for

Ambrose  2004

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