I query what goes on in your illusive mind
And wonder in your words what there is to find
As though I cannot feel most of what you’re thinking
Like both cannot recognize each other’s fear in sinking

The skies are open wide encouraging expressions from inside
For when my pen does rest so still it’s not within my will
Imploring to be understood as though I actually ever could
Forget the swallowed pride for only in some dream did it reside

I shall write as many necessary words as it takes me to tell
Just how it is that we’ll get out of this crevice that we fell
Catch me with your tempted stare but deny me any future care
And hear me sigh in lost reply each season that should pass us by

So sad it is that we forever sow our own destructive seeds
We never differentiate between our wants and then our needs
How cruel are the arrows that strike our zealous hearts
That we never count the damage until the bleeding starts

And further I am convinced with all my depth of heart
That there are demons to blame for the greater part
Though never to discount our own degree of shame
Our adversary is playing his ancient sordid game

Someday coming we will look into a tarnished mirror
And suddenly this trial will seem so much clearer
For now we hang our heads in vacillating shame
Until our God rewrites this chapter with another name

We are like fire and water against our suffered selves
Reaching more iniquities from even further shelves
The young widows do wax cold is a story seldom told
So dreadful I see, more gracious is our God to set us free.

Ambrose  1994

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