Now I hate myself and that I should for these reasons finally understood
And although I do remain sorry, it is sadly the reprobates outworn story
Partly sorry to be caught I do plea with far less remorse than should be

I know my soul  God did really save but how long can these lusts enslave
Faith says thru it He will  take me but I fear that it will surely break me
My sins seem stronger as  I recognize  my desires betray me in many lies

Steady my  heart  I am wearing down fast, the present assumes the past
So  it seems that nothing in its beginning can bear to last continual sinning
Not sure when my flesh began to reign, perhaps when my soul began to pain

All directions that  I  am turning,  I remain ever absent in the real learning
I  fluctuate and  that  you can anticipate even until the hours grow very late
One day lightning might strike me dead for the interferences within my head.


Ambrose  2003

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